AMERICAN Steel Pipe Tracking System

The AMERICAN Steel Pipe tracking system provides complete traceability from the steel vendor throughout pipe manufacturing, shipping and coating. Before the pipe leaves the mill, a bar code is attached. This bar code uniquely identifies each piece of pipe and enables our customers to access information relating to the production of that length of pipe, including:

  • the run number and heat of steel from which the pipe originated
  • the coil number from that heat and the pipe’s sequence within that coil
  • test results
  • customer purchase order
  • specific dimensions
  • grade
  • other manufacturing data

1. Coil Number
2. Run Number
3. Pipe Number within each Coil
4. Heat Number from Steel Manufacturer
5. Pipe Weight and Weight per Foot
6. Pipe Outside Diameter
7. Pipe Grade
8. Pipe Wall Thickness
9. Date Pipe was Manufactured
10. Hydrostatic Test Pressure
11. Third Party Inspection
12. Customer Purchase Order
13. Pipe Length
14. ISO Control Number

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