24 OD Line Pipe
24" OD Line Pipe

We fully understand the critical role that shipping plays in providing a quality product that meets your delivery requirements. AMERICAN ships products by railroad cars, flatbed trucks, oceangoing vessels and barges, and we work with you to determine which transport method is best for your order.

All loading patterns follow API load stress standards and requirements of the Association of American Railroads.

Truck Loading Patterns

Electric-resistance-welded pipe per truck load (maximum truck load):

Total Pieces
# Pipe on
Floor Layer
Total Pieces1
(maximum per load)
10 4 15

Railroad Car Loading Patterns

AMERICAN is directly serviced by three major rail carriers. We are happy to coordinate transport by other carriers when necessary for improved routes and efficiency purposes.

Loading patterns and the number of pieces per car may be adjusted due to freight rates, wall thicknesses and length of pipe.

89’ Long x 8’6" Wide Trailer Train Railcar

Layers Pattern Height
Load Width
Pieces per Car
6 5 @ 5+4 148 120 29

For pipe 60’ nominal in length, only 76 percent of the maximum weight may be loaded on a railcar 89’ long with an 8’6" wide trailer. For example, a 145,000-lb. railcar of 60’ pipe can only be loaded up to 105,000 lbs.

The 89’ long x 8’6" wide trailer train railcar is used for loads where the maximum pipe length is 80’ for coated pipe and 83’ for bare pipe.

General loading practices for this car include:

Bands — The load is banded as specified in AAR Open Top Loading Rules Manual, Section 2.

Timbers — For every 10’ increment in pipe length, one 6″ × 8″ hardwood timber is used for bearing pieces. For example, an 80’ load requires a minimum of eight timbers. Each successive layer is stripped with seven 2″ × 6″ hardwood strips, resulting in a square load.

The 14" outside diameter x .188" wall (27.76 lbs./ft.) x 80’ length example shown would result in a load of seven rows x seven pipes plus six pipes nested on the top layer (55 pieces total) x 80’ per pipe x 27.76 lbs./ft. = 122,144 lbs.

1 Subject to equipment load limitation.

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